Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Times in Cincy

Well here it goes.....Friday night was probably the most fun I have had in such a long time, considering everything that has happened in the past few months. I had intended on not going but after some coaxing by Hollie, we piled in the car and off we went to Dave and Busters. First we stopped at a hotel and Hollie and Graham paid for the room. We proceeded to have a few drinks before we caught a cab from the hotel to D&B. Now something that everyone knows but I always seem to forget, is that you are suppose to eat more than once if you plan on going out for a few drinks with your friends. I had a big lunch on Friday and just could not force myself to eat. So needless to say after the few drinks in the hotel, I still felt fine. I had a beer at Dave and Busters and decided that the Flight Simulator looked like a good idea. Now picture this.......sitting in a big cage that is on a swivel and can go in any direction, including upside down, all while starring at a 3 televisions, one in front and 1 on each side of that. Cool game right?? Not if all you have drank is alcohol and no food!! I got out of that and immediately decided it was time to stop. Sometimes things just aren't up to you though. Graham had run across this bachelorette party and those girls decided to tell a few guys that we were with them. So since the guys were buying shots and I didn't want to spend any money. I took them!! I mean I didn't want to be rude by refusing to take the shots. So after 3 shots, I went and hid by the kiddy games and collected a whole bunch of tickets. I grabbed a bite to eat, and that's all my body needed, the dizziness from the flight simulator, wore off and I needed to find Hollie, Travis and Graham. They weren't hard to find though, Graham and Travis were playing shooting games. You would have thought I fell of the face of the earth, because when Hollie and them saw me, I got tackled with hugs. So a few games later we decided it was time to call it a night. We must be getting old because we were back at the hotel by 12:30. We woke up the next morning and we were off to IHOP. There was a lady making ballon animals for kids and she made Travis and Graham a hat that connected them together.

Now if thats not a funny picture, I am not sure what is....2 grown mean and a balloon hat!!! Needless to say, we had a great time and it was just what I needed to help me finally get passed the bad stuff.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Its been awhile.....

and I know some of you have been waiting. In fact I was told the other day that my blog needed updating. With everything going on its been hard to find time to sit down and write something. Graham, Travis, Hollie and I are headed down to Dave and Busters, since I have never been there I am kinda looking forward to something out of the ordainary. Atleast I will have something to tell you about tomorrow. I need to get a hold of Andie when I have a spare minute and so does she, I need to find out what Grants and Scholarships are available for school. Appartently I made to much money last year to get any for free. Now if you ask my savings account it would tell you otherwise, but then again there are Democrats in Congress!! I'll get back with ya'll when I have some more time!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooking for Friends

Well I spent about $90 at the Grocery, buying up different spices and a few steaks. I talked, what has become "the crew" (Travis, Graham, and Hollie) into letting me cook for them so we split the cost of the groceries and away I went. I bought a rack of ribs, 2 New York strips, and a whole bunch of sides, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed mushrooms, asparagus, stuffed bell peppers (my own recipe, (Andie you would be proud, I use goat cheese in the stuffing)) and a new idea of Balsamic vinegar butter for the rib eyes. Well everyone ate just a sample of each. Everyone thought it was fantastic, but I guess with myself being the biggest critic, I personally thought when I reduced the Balsamic Vinegar that I burnt it, so it had a bit smokey taste to it, that I didn't care much for. Also I over cooked the steaks, so instead of being a nice pink medium rare, they came out medium well. And the loaded potatoes just didn't have enough cheese. All and all I think I have 3 guaranteed patrons when I open my restaurant. I am really looking forward to having my family try some of the things I have come up with, maybe they'll let me do some of the cooking when we all get together for the holidays. I just hope they don't mind getting a little bit fattened up. It has to be healthier than McDonald's but its sure not tofu.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am so aggravated with these damn DEMOCRATS. I am really tired of hearing Caribue Barbie, who do these people think they are? Okay, sure Sarah Palin is from Alaska and she enjoys hunting. A lady here in Troy, in the letter to the editor, actually accused her or being nothing more than a beauty queen gangster because of pictures of her holding a rifle. She said that Sarah Palin is not a good role model for young women. ARE YOU KIDDING? Strong, Independent, Educated, Surpassing Men in a male dominated world. Hell, I look up to her and I have no desire to be a woman.

Second, blaming gas prices on President Bush, just because he is from an Oil State. Now I am not blind, nor naive, I am sure he has a job waiting for him somewhere, where he doesnt have to do much of anything, but gas did not go up in price until 4 years ago, you have to ask yourself, what happened 4 years ago? Oh yeah, the Democrats took over Congress and raised taxes on Gas, overturning President Bush's Veto!! And about jobs once you get out of Presidential office, Clinton had one too, where I wouldnt accept $100.00, to hear him speak, he made $48 million last year giving PUBLIC SPEACHES) Who in their right mind wouldnt hire the President, if you can afford him, why not?

Third, John McCain will not be just another George Bush. John McCain has quite a bit of backing from the Democratic Congress, unlike President Bush. John McCain, in my opinion, is not a Republican at all. Close, but as my father would say, that only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Granades, not politics!

Fourth... Anyone remember the Fair Trade Agreement? All the Democrats thought it was a wonderful idea when President Clinton put it into the works. That allowed U.S. Companies the ability to move jobs out of the United States and not have to pay anymore taxes on the products they bring in. So if now You (as a manufacturer) can choose paying workers more and having them go on strike and not work or paying people pennies on the dollar to do the same work and never strike, which is the logical choice for you? In turn, Goodbye Delphi, Goodbye Ford, Goodbye Chrysler, Goodbye quality made U.S. Products. Why did Clinton think this was a good idea, well let me tell you. The Clintons' and Sen. Obama are not Democrats, they are Socialists. The Fair Trade Agreement by Definition is an organized social movement, aimed at helping under priviledge nations gain world economy standings, while lowering the cost of good in more powerful nations. Only problem with that is, it only works in a socialized nation, in a capital nation, the manufacturers pockets just fill up, while maintaining or raising the price of goods to improve thier profits! Now who is to blame for no blue collar jobs in the United States, this country was founded by hard working ble collar workers.

Fifth and Final point.... To restate that John McCain is not a Republican. He is a Capitalist, he wants to bring jobs back to the United States. Let the Rich get Richer, there for allowing for a middle class! Barrak Obama is not a Democrat, he is a Socialist, he wants to socialize this and socialize that. Remember the USSR??? Worked well for them didnt it!!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

My First Blog Post

So with strong encouragement from everyone in my family, here it is... my first blog post!! A lot has happened in the past couple days though. Last night Travis, Graham, Hollie, and I went to Minster for Oktoberfest. What are great time, $5.00 got you a half gallon milk jug full of Bud Light, so $15.00 later, I was very happy that Hollie was our Sober Driver. Now before I left for Minster, I got home and to the pleasure of my taste buds, Mom and Dad sent me a bottle of steak sauce from the Food Networks #1 place to have steak, Peter Lugers!! Now if I am able to do so, I will try to make a steak as good as there. Which brings me to my next story. I have drawn up some plans and written down some ideas. After I graduate from College, I have every intention of opening a resturant. As most of you know, cooking is something I enjoy and most would say I am pretty good at it. Now I have 2 names to settle on, but I am open to any other ideas, one is Streakers, in honor of my Poppa and Verne Miles. The other idea for a name came from Travis and Graham, they said I should call it Charlie Papa's, now I am sure that some of you might think its because my dogs name is Charlie, however that's not the case. I taught Travis and Graham the phonentic alphabet, and they call me Crazy Patty (dont ask me why, because I dont know), which got shortend to C.P. which turned back into Charlie Papa. Anyway back to the resturant. (1) I figured that I could bottle and sell my spice there, Dad I almost have it worked out. (2) The outdoor patio would be the highlight of the resturant. On the grill is where I do my best work, I have always wanted a fancy stone grill patio, so I figure, why not combined that with a bar and a funny, entertaining cook, for a all around good time, with great food.

So there its, or atleast thats the idea, however, the program I used didn't have to ability to build the stone grill/bar outside. Just to clarify the bar would only seat 6-8 people and there would be 4-5 of them set up. Think Japanese Habachi, without the fly food and Saki. HAHA