Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooking for Friends

Well I spent about $90 at the Grocery, buying up different spices and a few steaks. I talked, what has become "the crew" (Travis, Graham, and Hollie) into letting me cook for them so we split the cost of the groceries and away I went. I bought a rack of ribs, 2 New York strips, and a whole bunch of sides, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed mushrooms, asparagus, stuffed bell peppers (my own recipe, (Andie you would be proud, I use goat cheese in the stuffing)) and a new idea of Balsamic vinegar butter for the rib eyes. Well everyone ate just a sample of each. Everyone thought it was fantastic, but I guess with myself being the biggest critic, I personally thought when I reduced the Balsamic Vinegar that I burnt it, so it had a bit smokey taste to it, that I didn't care much for. Also I over cooked the steaks, so instead of being a nice pink medium rare, they came out medium well. And the loaded potatoes just didn't have enough cheese. All and all I think I have 3 guaranteed patrons when I open my restaurant. I am really looking forward to having my family try some of the things I have come up with, maybe they'll let me do some of the cooking when we all get together for the holidays. I just hope they don't mind getting a little bit fattened up. It has to be healthier than McDonald's but its sure not tofu.


Kim said...

everything sounds gotta watch drinking and cooking or things don't always come out just right...LOL...remember my sweet potato casserole!!!

love you, mom

The Quint Family said...

I have been dying for ribs! You know, I can bake with the best of them but I just don't know how to grill! I'll have to let you try some of my recipes in exchange for yours. And you are always welcomed to cook for me... Jeremy doesn't know how so it gets kind of old being the cook 3 meals a day, 7 days a week!