Saturday, October 4, 2008

My First Blog Post

So with strong encouragement from everyone in my family, here it is... my first blog post!! A lot has happened in the past couple days though. Last night Travis, Graham, Hollie, and I went to Minster for Oktoberfest. What are great time, $5.00 got you a half gallon milk jug full of Bud Light, so $15.00 later, I was very happy that Hollie was our Sober Driver. Now before I left for Minster, I got home and to the pleasure of my taste buds, Mom and Dad sent me a bottle of steak sauce from the Food Networks #1 place to have steak, Peter Lugers!! Now if I am able to do so, I will try to make a steak as good as there. Which brings me to my next story. I have drawn up some plans and written down some ideas. After I graduate from College, I have every intention of opening a resturant. As most of you know, cooking is something I enjoy and most would say I am pretty good at it. Now I have 2 names to settle on, but I am open to any other ideas, one is Streakers, in honor of my Poppa and Verne Miles. The other idea for a name came from Travis and Graham, they said I should call it Charlie Papa's, now I am sure that some of you might think its because my dogs name is Charlie, however that's not the case. I taught Travis and Graham the phonentic alphabet, and they call me Crazy Patty (dont ask me why, because I dont know), which got shortend to C.P. which turned back into Charlie Papa. Anyway back to the resturant. (1) I figured that I could bottle and sell my spice there, Dad I almost have it worked out. (2) The outdoor patio would be the highlight of the resturant. On the grill is where I do my best work, I have always wanted a fancy stone grill patio, so I figure, why not combined that with a bar and a funny, entertaining cook, for a all around good time, with great food.

So there its, or atleast thats the idea, however, the program I used didn't have to ability to build the stone grill/bar outside. Just to clarify the bar would only seat 6-8 people and there would be 4-5 of them set up. Think Japanese Habachi, without the fly food and Saki. HAHA


The Quint Family said...

Great job!!! I'm really excited to be reading this every night. It's been really great getting to talk to you twice in one week and now we get more Uncle Patrick!

The Quint Family said...

I just thought of something... if you want a cooler background, go to They have instructions there for what you need to do. Otherthan that, it looks great! get some photos of Charlie up there and some of you too!